Verzonden: vrijdag 1 mei 2009 13:00
Onderwerp: News and Results - April 09

Dear Noenga member! =)

April has ended and that means new results, credits and art!
Best valuated artworks April 2009 are:

1)   Chris Willems ( Belgium )
2)   Nigel Fox ( Canada )
3)   Florescu Octavian
( Canada )

Congratulations on behalf of the Noenga community!

* Cup winners receive up to 100 credits and permanent exhibition in the artist rank section.
* To keep participating:

   Don't forget to publish your art for next month

(To publish your art: login to the ‘User' section. ‘Select the work' and click ‘Exhibit this month'. You can also exhibit you works for more months and add them to your portfolio.)
- Visit the front page to see the latest news.
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- Consult the Artist Rank to see how you or your favorite artist is doing.
- See the results organized by artworks:                           
- Or see the results organized by artist:   


-We are preparing the launch of Noenga 3.0 containing loads of improvements and exiting new features.

-We have listened to your feedback and integrated a lot of your ideas in the 3.0 version.
Thank you for participating... All the best, and keep creating!
Best regards,
The Noenga crew!
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